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Monthly Archives: September 2019


Understanding the Uses and Limits of a “No-Contest” Clause in a New York Will or Trust

By Meyer & Spencer, P.C. |

One of the reasons you make an estate plan is to minimize the risk your family (or other legal heirs) will resort to litigation after your death. To that end, many wills and trusts include an in terrorem or “no-contest” clause. Basically, this is language that states if a beneficiary unsuccessfully challenges a will… Read More »

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Is a Contract to Make a Provision in My Will Legally Binding in New York?

By Meyer & Spencer, P.C. |

A will is the normal means of disposing of any property subject to a probate proceeding under New York law. But what if you make a contract with someone else that promises to dispose of your property after-death in a different manner? Is such a contract enforceable in New York? The short answer is… Read More »

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