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Westchester County Crisis Planning Lawyer

If your loved one is entering a nursing home with no advance planning, you need to take immediate steps to cover the costs and protect family assets.

As experienced elder law and estate planning attorneys, we know many people overlook the financial, medical, and personal aspects of long-term care planning until it’s nothing short of an emergency—a loved one has been discharged from the hospital, is on the way to the nursing home, and she or he has not applied for Medicaid and has no long-term care insurance. However, by seeking legal guidance now, hope is not lost. If you commit to crisis planning today, it’s not too late to protect family assets from nursing home costs.

While it’s best to plan for the possibility of nursing home care before the need arises, it’s still possible to work with an experienced elder law attorney on Medicaid crisis planning.

Nursing home crisis planning is a situation where an individual has either been admitted to a nursing home, or must enter one very soon, and he or she has too many assets to qualify for assistance from Medicaid. It is a crisis situation because the high cost of nursing home care can quickly deplete a family’s life savings and other assets. For many families, paying for nursing home care without some form of assistance from Medicaid is a financial catastrophe.

Laws governing eligibility for Medicaid are extremely complex and continuously changing. We understand these laws and can use a variety of tools and strategies to help you qualify for Medicaid assistance while preserving family assets for future generations.

Our attorneys will apply for Medicaid benefits for you, ensuring the application is complete and accurate.

The Medicaid application process is quite rigorous. The Department of Human Services will want to see everything the applicant has done with his or her money in the last five years. If, in the process of reviewing a Medicaid application, any transaction or transfer is found that is not permitted by the rules, the applicant may have to wait through a long penalty period before receiving benefits. Our attorneys have helped many people obtain Medicaid benefits by handling the application and all its requirements.

Contact an experienced New York crisis planning lawyer and avoid the worst consequences of suddenly entering nursing home care.

Our Westchester County crisis planning lawyers can help you quickly organize and protect family assets, and ultimately obtain Medicaid benefits to cover the cost of nursing home care. But every day you wait to get started may diminish your options for preserving assets and prolong the time you must pay nursing home costs out of pocket. Contact Meyer & Spencer, PC today to schedule a crisis planning consultation at our offices in Pleasantville or Mahopac.

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