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Westchester County Long-Term Care Plan Lawyer

Westchester County Families Can Never Be Too Careful When It Comes to Long-Term Care Planning

The cost of long-term care in New York state is extraordinarily high. A recent study estimated that the average annual cost of a private nursing home room in our region can now cost a family six figures each year. Few families can afford these incredible costs over the long run. Without an effective, well-structured long-term care plan, a few years in a nursing home can easily eat away at a person’s entire life savings. Preventive action is required.

At Meyer & Spencer, PC, our Westchester County long-term care plan lawyers are committed advocates for our clients. We have the legal skills and industry knowledge necessary to help you and your family navigate the Medicaid application process and long-term care insurance system. Our legal team will help you set up a long-term care plan that is best suited for your unique needs. To get a fully private review of your long-term care plan, please reach out to our Pleasantville, NY law office today.

What Can a Westchester County Long-Term Care Planning Lawyer Do For Me?

At the most basic level, our Westchester long-term care planning lawyers will help you and your family put the best plan in place to ensure that you can pay for future nursing home/assisted living center costs with the least amount of financial disruption and asset depletion. While the potential costs are high, there are estate planning strategies that offer protection. Many Westchester County, NY individuals could potentially be eligible for long-term care Medicaid benefits. That being said, if you do not have a proper financial plan in place, your assets may be somewhat too high to meet the eligibility threshold. This is deeply frustrating, as there is a strict eligibility standard.

The good news is that our law firm can help you and your loved ones find a path that will allow for the preservation of hard-earned assets for future generations, and that will allow seniors to retain some financial independence and their overall financial security. When you work with our Westchester County long-term care planning lawyers, we will take a very careful of your unique financial situation. Our legal team will determine what steps you need to take to give yourself and your family the maximum amount of financial freedom and financial protection against possible future long-term care costs. We do not force you into a one-size-fits-all program. We offer fully personalized legal guidance.

Get Help From Our Westchester County, NY Long-Term Care Planning Lawyers Today

At Meyer & Spencer, PC, our New York long-term care attorneys have experience helping families get the best assisted living care for their vulnerable loved ones while protecting their assets. To learn more about how our estate planning attorneys can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us today. From our office in Pleasantville, we offer long-term care planning services throughout Westchester County.

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