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Westchester County Home Selling Lawyer

Generally, the first step in selling a home should involve a consultation with an experienced real estate broker. When selling a home, you should look for a realtor who can advise you on market conditions, the value of your home and strategies for making your home stand out above others. Once the price and terms are reached with the buyers, you should immediately provide your attorneys with a copy of your deed, title report and survey as these items will greatly assist your lawyer in drafting the new contract. Since an offer to purchase is not binding until all parties have signed the contract, diligence on your part and the part of your lawyers can prevent the disheartening scenario where the buyers change their mind and find another home. Contact our experienced Westchester County home selling lawyers today, we can assist.

As a homeowner, it is likely that you’ve already been through at least one closing. While you probably know the general process for selling a home, in case you’ve forgotten, the steps are as follows:

  • You hire a realtor to list your property;
  • You accept a Buyer’s offer;
  • Your realtor sends us a Memorandum of Sale which provides us with all the terms;
  • You provide us with your existing deed, survey, prior title work and your current mortgage statement;
  • We prepare a contract and send it to the Buyers’ attorney;
  • The Buyers sign the contract and gives us a downpayment check which is deposited into our escrow account;
  • You meet with Meyer & Spencer to review and sign the contract;
  • We return the contract to the Buyer and deposit the downpayment check;
  • We calendar the mortgage commitment date and follow up with the status of Buyer’s loan application;
  • We receive the title report ordered by Buyer and work to clear any title problems;
  • We order a payoff letter for your mortgage payoff;
  • We coordinate the scheduling of the closing;
  • We calculate the closing adjustments;
  • We attend the closing.

Home Seller’s Checklist

With thousands of closings under our belts, we know that our clients want a roadmap of their closing. We designed this simple home seller’s checklist to help our clients be aware not just of what they need to do but of the order in which they need to do it. Many of our clients simply print this home seller’s checklist and put it in their personal file.

  • ____Hire a quality Real Estate Broker
  • ____Advise Meyer & Spencer of items which are excluded from Sale
  • ____Provide Meyer & Spencer with Survey
  • ____Provide Meyer & Spencer with your Deed, Tax Bills and prior Title Report
  • ____Provide Meyer & Spencer with your current Mortgage Statement
  • ____Close any open lines of credit
  • ____Provide Meyer & Spencer with Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy for any additions or alterations to the premises
  • ____Meet with Meyer & Spencer to review the contract
  • ____Mark your calendar with the date the Buyer’s are required to have mortgage commitment
  • ____Notify Meyer & Spencer of your desired closing date, scheduled move
  • ____Obtain final readings for oil, gas and water adjustments
  • ____Bring Photo ID and checkbook to closing

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