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Westchester County Business Lawyer

The Westchester County business lawyers at Meyer & Spencer, PC have years of experience in forming partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies and businesses of every kind. All businesses need expert legal guidance; let our business law attorneys help you through the legal and transactional landscape of today’s complex business world.

At Meyer & Spencer, PC, we understand that routine business law issues often arise during the course of your business day. These issues disrupt your focus and shift your attention away from running your business. Without an attorney on staff, most small business owners feel that they cannot delegate these routine, yet important, business law matters. So, they waste a substantial amount of time that would be better focused on tending to their business. We also recognize that many business owners are reluctant to call their attorneys with routine questions because they know the “clock is always ticking” and that they will receive a large legal bill for seemingly routine advice.

At Meyer & Spencer, PC, we have developed the In-house Counsel Advantage Program which allows our corporate clients to focus on the day-to-day operation of their business while delegating the business law matters to us. We encourage our corporate clients to call us any time they have a question. The In-house Counsel Advantage Program is the next best thing to having an attorney on staff.

With the In-house Counsel Advantage Program, the attorneys at Meyer & Spencer, PC will:

  1. Provide an Annual Corporate Maintenance review to ensure that your assets are protected and all required filings have been made;
  2. Provide an Annual Review of your Corporate Books to:
    • ensure compliance with all laws; and
    • ensure that the integrity of the corporation is preserved to protect against IRS Audits and attempts to pierce the corporate veil;
  3. Host and/or attend your company’s annual meeting to:
    • ensure that proper notice is provided to shareowners;
    • ensure that corporate formalities are followed;
    • assist with the preparation of the minutes of the meeting.
  4. Attend a strategic planning session with your CPA and/or Financial Planner to:
    • strategize and explore methods to improve your company’s bottom line;
    • set specific goals for your company to focus on in the upcoming year;
    • create a plan of action to meet your annual goals;
    • discuss ways to implement your Exit Strategy.
  5. Provide unlimited telephone advice on the routine day-to-day business law matters that come up in your business.

Contact our experienced Westchester County business lawyers today, we can help.

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