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Putnam County Long-Term Care Plan Lawyer

Long-Term Care Lawyers Can Protect Your Legal Rights and Financial Interests

When it comes to long-term care planning, you can never be too careful. Most American families who have not yet dealt with nursing homes or assisted living facilities are wholly unaware of the high costs of long-term care.

You may be shocked to learn that the average cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home is now more than $80,000 per year. In our region the cost is far higher. A private room in an assisted care facility can easily exceed $100,000 per year. Long-term care costs can quickly destroy a person’s life savings.

At Meyer & Spencer, PC, our Putnam County long-term care plan lawyers know how daunting these expenses can be for New York families. The good news is that there are long-term care planning strategies available that can help to provide considerable financial protection to you and your loved ones. As with all estate planning issues, it is crucial that you remain proactive. For help with long-term care planning in Putnam County, please contact our Mahopac law office today.

How Can a Putnam County Long-Term Care Planning Lawyer Help?

An effective long-term care plan must be fully personalized to fit the individual needs of a person. When we work with a new client, the first thing our Putnam County long-term care planning lawyers do is take a comprehensive account of our client’s financial situation, their health status, and long-term objectives. With this information in mind, we are able to help you create a long-term care plan that best protects your assets, your financial independence, and your ability to receive high-quality assisted living services. With some exceptions (such as for military veterans), there are three main ways people pay for long-term care services:

  • Out of pocket;
  • Private long-term care insurance; and
  • Medicaid.

Most people do not have the assets to pay for an expensive nursing home over the long term. Further, few people have viable long-term care insurance. Without the options available to cover the cost, Medicaid is often the answer. However, Medicaid has strict financial eligibility requirements. Many Putnam County senior citizens can benefit from building a long-term care plan that will allow them to access Medicaid benefits, should they need them at any point in the future. Our estate planning & elder law team can help you create the best plan for your situation.

Contact Our Putnam County, NY Long-Term Care Planning Lawyers Today

At Meyer & Spencer, PC, our Medicaid and long-term care planning lawyers are dedicated advocates for our clients. No matter your circumstances, we can help you organize and protect your family’s assets. For a fully confidential estate planning consultation, please do hesitate to contact our legal team today. From our office in Mahopac, we serve clients throughout Putnam County, including in Carmel, Brewster, Phillipstown, Nelsonville, and Kent.

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