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Combining Estate Planning And Retirement Planning

By Meyer & Spencer, P.C. |

Oftentimes, estate planning and retirement planning go hand in hand. In order to both have enough money to live on in retirement and have an estate left over to pass on to heirs, it is important to do all this planning hand in hand. One good reason why estate planning when retirement planning is… Read More »

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Life Insurance And Estate Planning

By Meyer & Spencer, P.C. |

Life insurance policies should always be considered when making an estate plan or as part of a retirement plan. While life insurance policy options were limited in the past, there are a few more options in today’s market that make them more attractive. There are several issues to consider when deciding how a life… Read More »

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Who Inherits If An Beneficiary Under A Will Dies Before A Testator In New York?

By Meyer & Spencer, P.C. |

Updating wills and other estate planning documents is something that should be done often, especially if there are major life changes or if a beneficiary under a will passes away before the testator. If the testator does not make the required changes, the gift may lapse and the property be passed on to others… Read More »

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Establishing a Trust for Estate Planning Purposes

By Meyer & Spencer, P.C. |

The use of trusts to pass on property is generally encouraged as a way to avoid the costly and time consuming probate process. If a person can put together a well thought out estate plan, he or she can pass on most if not all his property through the use of trusts. There are… Read More »

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