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Putnam County Home Selling Lawyer

Selling a home is usually a stressful experience. For one thing, many home sellers are also home buyers—you hope to move into a new place once you sell your current home. For another, many buyers change their minds and try to back out at the last minute. To make the home selling process as smooth as possible, you should hire a lawyer to help with the closing process.

At Meyer & Spencer, our Putnam County home selling lawyers have been providing home seller closing services for decades now. We can lift this heavy burden from your shoulders and make the home selling experience a comfortable one.

The Home Selling Process

Most people work through a real estate broker to sell their home. The broker can help sellers establish a fair price for the property by comparing it to other properties on the market. A broker can also help advertise it. Any interested buyer should submit an offer to you, which will include the price they want to pay.

If the market is hot, you might reject a low offer, but in an average or cool real estate market you will probably negotiate with any interested buyer. You will probably negotiate more than price, such as what items will be included in the sale, such as fixtures. Once you agree to the terms and price, you should hire an attorney to help with the legal documents and the closing process.


As a homeowner you are probably well aware of the closing process, but things can be a little different from the seller’s side of things. You will want to protect your own rights in the sale contract and try to prepare for different contingencies.

To help streamline the process, you should provide your lawyer with:

  • Existing deed
  • Survey
  • Prior title
  • Current mortgage statement

We will prepare a contract and send it to the buyer’s attorney, who will send us a down payment check, which we deposit into our escrow account.

As a seller, things are often complicated by whether the buyer can obtain a mortgage to the buy the property. If not, the sale often falls through.

As a home selling lawyer, we can coordinate the scheduling of closing and check for any problems with the title, which we can help clear if they exist. Lastly, we can attend the closing with you and make sure everything goes properly. If not, we are prepared to address problems so that the sale can ultimately go through.

Home Selling Lawyers You Can Trust

At Meyer & Spencer, we have performed thousands of closings and understand the process inside and out. We can easily take over the legal aspects of the closing and guide you to a successful sale of your home. If you are buying a home at the same time, then it is even more critical that you have someone to help you with your sale.

Please contact us today, 845-628-0009. We serve the entire Putnam County, including Mahopac, and are eager to hear from you.

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