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Putnam County Advance Directives Lawyer

An adequate estate plan does more than simply plan for your death. It also addresses what should happen should you become incapacitated, either in an accident or after an illness like Alzheimer’s. At Meyer & Spencer, our Putnam County advance directives lawyers work closely with our clients to come up with individualized estate plans and will include advance directives to afford you peace of mind.

Living Wills

One concern many people have is that they will not receive the treatment they want when they become incapacitated. In particular, some clients want to avoid going onto a feeding tube or a ventilator when there is no chance of a recovery. Instead, they want to die a peaceful death once it is apparent that they will not improve.

In a living will, you identify what life-extending treatment you want—and what you don’t want—in the event of incapacity. When properly drafted, a living will becomes binding, and your doctors should follow it.

Health Care Proxy

Living wills are a critical document to have, but it is rarely possible to consider all possible situations ahead of time. In that case, you will need to nominate someone to serve as your proxy to make health care decisions after you are incapacitated. This person can step in when your living will is unclear and can decide what treatment you receive.

You should carefully select the person to serve as your agent. Ideally, this person will live near you so they can be at the hospital when critical decisions must be made. Your agent should also be someone you trust and are close to. Above all else, the person should agree to serve. Acting as an agent in a stressful situation is not easy, and some people might decline. You can also name an alternate in case your first choice cannot serve or changes their mind.

Durable Power of Attorney

Many clients also worry about their finances should they become incapacitated. With a power of attorney, you name an agent who can make important financial decisions, such as cashing checks and paying bills. The agent can also undertake more extensive financial decisions, such as selling property. The power of attorney is “durable” which means it will still be good once you become incapacitated.

As with a health care proxy, you should choose someone you trust and who is good with money. Many clients are anxious about giving someone else power over their finances, worrying that they will be taken advantage of. Meet with an experienced Putnam County advance directives lawyer to review your options.

Experienced Advance Directives Lawyers

At Meyer & Spencer, we listen closely to our clients to understand their goals and fears, and then we draft legal documents that meet their objectives. If you are putting together an estate plan, you should carefully consider drafting advance directives so that you are taken care of when you can no longer manage your own affairs.

For more information, please contact one of our lawyers today. We serve Mahopac and all of Putnam County. To schedule a consultation, please call 845-628-0009.

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