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Putnam County Guardianship Lawyer

Not everyone can make decisions for themselves and manage their own affairs. When someone is disabled or incapacitated, or when a minor child has no parent, then someone needs to step into the breach to make decisions for them. The legal relationship is called “guardianship,” and only a court can create a guardianship.

The Putnam County guardianship lawyers at Meyer & Spencer have worked closely with many potential guardians to help them obtain the authority to protect their loved ones. For more information, please contact us today.

When Might You Need a Guardian?

Usually, a guardian is appointed when a person has a disability that prevents them from organizing their affairs. Common situations include:

  • Minor children without parents. The parents might have died or had their rights terminated by the state. Being a minor is a temporary disability, and the guardianship will end when the child reaches adulthood.
  • Incapacitated elderly relatives who have dementia or has otherwise lost mental capacity.
  • A family member or friend who has suffered an accident that has robbed them of capacity.
  • A disabled child who is about to become a legal adult but who, because of disability, needs someone to serve as a guardian even in adulthood.

Each of these situations is different and requires a different approach to seeking guardianship. Nevertheless, any concerned family member who wants to serve as a guardian should make an application to the court.

How Do You Obtain a Guardianship?

You need a court to grant you guardianship, and they do not do so lightly. In particular, you need to file a petition with the court in which you properly document that your friend or family member cannot handle his or her affairs.

For example, some disabled children can make certain decisions for themselves once they reach adulthood. It is not enough that you are simply concerned about a loved one; you also need to establish that they legally lack the capacity to manage their lives. Before filing paperwork, you should carefully document the extent of the disability.

What Makes Seeking a Guardianship Complicated?

At Meyer & Spencer, we realize that many people are seeking guardianship during a very stressful time, especially after an accident. Elderly parents and grandparents can also see mental acuity decline dramatically after illness or the death of a spouse.

For these reasons, many of our clients reach out to us in a panic. Although it might feel like you have no time to waste, an experienced attorney can make the guardianship process run as smoothly as possible. We know New York’s guardianship courts inside and out, and we can do everything possible to make sure your loved one is well protected.

Speak to Us Today

Seeking guardianship is often a difficult decision, and we are here for you. At Meyer & Spencer, our Putnam County and Mahopac guardianship lawyers have helped countless clients obtain guardianship over a loved one.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call 845-628-0009.

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